Bare roots succulent plant instruction

When you unpack the plants, remove all dry or rotten leaves. For the chubby and healthy leaves that fell off during shipping, you can keep them for propagation. We do recommend planting all succulents in soil ASAP. Water therapy is not recommended on some species like Fuji or Greenovias. We recommend that you use soil with excellent drainage and soil level SHOULD BE FLUSH with the planter rim. If the succulents have long stem, cover the roots with soil. If it doesn’t have a stem, just let it sit on top of soil directly. You can put it at a bright place with GOOD AIR CIRCULATION for a few days, keep the soil moist to help the plant grow new roots, and wait until the soil completely dry before you water them again. You can use either top watering(certain plants may not like water sitting on the leaves) or bottom watering. For top watering, you can put it under running watering for a few minutes to make sure the middle layer of soil gets wet. For bottom watering, you can soak the planter in a bigger container with water until the top level of soil is wet, which may take a few hours. Please only water again when the soil is dry(to avoid rot). Before you move the plant for outdoor full sun completely, try to increase the sun level in the house each day so it doesn’t get shocked and sunburnt.


Succulents are live plants, so they will grow and change color during shipping and during different seasons, we try our best to provide the most updated photos in our shop, but we can't control the environment where the plants go to, and how they grow there, so the color and shape might change in new environment. For shipping safety, we will wash and dry out succulents before shipping, which will take 1-3 days. When the succulents are dried out, they look soft, darker, or lighter than shown in picture. It will revive and become chubby and colorful after you plant them. We don’t peel off the bad/sunburnt leaves on succulents because they can provide nutrients to the succulents, but if you don't like it, you can just simply peel them off.


Thanks again for your order, we hope you enjoy your new, beautiful, and healthy succulents. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.