Note for Greenovia mountain roses

If your roses look dry, withered, or even "dead", they're NOT dead! Most of our mountain roses that are being sold are in dormant or just came out of dormancy, and once the roses are planted in moisturized soil and given couple of days, the roses will start growing new roots. Please plant the rose like A TREE, DON’T let the bottom of the rose bud touch the soil.

The plant provides its self with nutrition by consuming dried leaves from the outer layer of the plant and it's NOT a sign of an unhealthy plant. It’s also normal that there are these dry leaves on the plant. The mountain roses are just like any other succulents, do not overwater them, and don’t water the center of the it. If the water is left in the center, it may cause the plant to rot.

You can use any potting soil you like. Some sands (not sea sand, it contain salt and it’s deadly to the plants) or light stones can help the roots breathe better (Sand helps the rooting, and light stones increase spaces between soils so the airflow is better).

During the hot summer time (above 90 F), the mountain roses will go dormant (pink rose will turn pink). When it’s in dormant season, the plants should be kept in a bright place WITHOUT direct sunlight, and don’t water it too much when it's in dormant. It will go out from dormancy when it starts to get cold (it will turn green and start to grow), keep the soil dry if the temp is below 38 to 40 F, too much water in the soil may hurt the roots during night time.