Greenovia mix - April Farm/Rare Succulents

Greenovia mix - April Farm/Rare Succulents

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Rare Succulent-Greenovia 'Guarimiar Mountain Rose'

OR 'Gilva'

OR "Tenerife"

OR "Canaria"

OR "El Hierro"

No hair roots. Sometimes it will be shipped with some hair roots and soil, we do recommend to wash it and remove all hair roots to encourage new growth.

They will be randomly picked. I don't offer pick specific varieties.

Originated from a small island in Spain. Very rare species.

They are in dormant and look like a little cup

You will receive one plant similar to the photo listed, shape and color might be slightly different, about 0/5-1 inches in size

When they open up, they will be double size, so you will need a larger pot or more space in between.