Gibbaeum heathii (N.E.Br.) L.Bolus - April Farm/Rare Succulents

Gibbaeum heathii (N.E.Br.) L.Bolus - April Farm/Rare Succulents

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Rare Succulent - Gibbaeum heathii (N.E.Br.) L.Bolus, 100% hand selected and ships from U.S.

It will get different colors when they are going to split. New plant will be in green or lighter color.

Quality 1 is 1 piece. each piece is about 0.5-1cm in size, there are 17 pieces in profile picture.

No hair roots. You will receive one plant similar to the photo listed, shape and color might be slightly different. Size are different, about 0.5-1cm in size

Round planter is 2.5 inch in size

All plants will be ship bare rooted, no soil and planter

How to care Gibbaeum:
1. when you receive the Gibbaeum, their color will be darker than picture because they are dehydrated for shipping
2. Plant them in moist gritty mix (not soggy). Water through in 1-2 days when mix looks not that moist.
3. Gibbaeums grow roots very fast with enough water, once it's well rooted, don't water it often, only water when it's wrinkle.
4. Gibbaeums like bright sunlight, so give them a lot light after they are well rooted. When temperature is high (above 90F), keep them under filtered sunlight to avoid burning.

Some plants will be cut and some soil will be removed for the safety of the plant during the shipment. The images on the listings are for REFERENCE purpose only. The pictures may be of different seasons/stages of growth and/or mass planted mature plants for landscaping vision. Please expect to plant your plants ASAP.